Bid Index — Midwest Minifest 2021
Total: $1,913.12 — Choice Total: $1,107.48 — Challenge Total: $805.64

Name Run Description Amount Goal
Character Name Phantasy Star Online Name the character for AKDylie's Phantasy Star Online run $34.00 (None)
Character Choice Puyo Puyo Fever 2 Choose the character for Peas' Puyo Puyo Fever 2 run $2.00 (None)
Track Set Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Choose which set of 16 tracks amber will race through in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe $151.21 (None)
Bonus Run [BONUS] Takeshi's Challenge If met, fuso-wasedr09 will run Takeshi's Challenge after his Sherlock Holmes run $124.00 $200.00
Character Choice Rolled Out! Choose the character Soocy, SlosherWailord, Helix, and Namb0 will use for their Rolled Out! run $171.00 (None)
Madeline's Appearance Into The Jungle Choose which animal Madeline will look like during frozenflygone's Celeste Custom Maps run $15.00 (None)
Upgrade Category to 40 Bolts Mega Man 8 If met, Kiwami will run the 40 Bolts category of Mega Man 8 instead of Any% $150.00 $120.00
Chimchar Name Pokemon Pearl Name the Chimchar for KonceptionSR's Pokemon Pearl run $76.00 (None)
Rival Name Pokemon Pearl Name the rival for KonceptionSR's Pokemon Pearl run $55.00 (None)
Trainer Name Pokemon Pearl Name the trainer for KonceptionSR's Pokemon Pearl run $55.00 (None)
Byleth Name Fire Emblem: Three Houses Name Byleth for seldomseenkid's Fire Emblem: Three Houses run $167.00 (None)
File Name Fable Set the file name for TwoWorlds' Fable run $5.00 (None)
Kill or Spare Sister Fable Choose whether the sister is spared or killed toward the end of TwoWorlds' Fable run $100.00 (None)
Niko's Costume Here Comes Niko! Choose Niko's costume for Creepr's Here Comes Niko! run $2.00 (None)
Dante's Costume DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Select Dante's costume for AnemoneV2's DmC Devil May Cry run $10.00 (None)
Kill or Spare Kat DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Choose whether to kill or spare Kat during AnemoneV2's DmC Devil May Cry run $3.50 (None)
Fight Ridley-X Metroid Fusion If met, Lenophis will fight Ridley-X during the Metroid Fusion run $70.00 $150.00
Save or Kill the Animals Metroid Fusion Decide whether the animals are saved or killed during Lenophis' Metroid Fusion run $1.00 (None)
Increase Difficulty Malody If met, nes will play more difficult songs during the second half of their Malody showcase $150.64 $150.00
Blindfold Choice Pokémon Red Choose the blindfold that Shifty will wear during his Pokemon Red run $158.77 (None)
Character Outfit Control Choose the character's outfit for Bucky's Control run $50.00 (None)
Game Language Control Choose the language used during Bucky's Control run $51.00 (None)
Jack Black's Song Psychonauts 2 If met, kinkycadence will watch the cutscene containing a song by Jack Black during his Psychonauts 2 run $311.00 $300.00

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