Bid Index — Archiethon 2022
Total: $8,428.75 — Choice Total: $2,808.62 — Challenge Total: $5,620.13

Name Run Description Amount Goal
Boss Rush UNSIGHTED If met, Roofon will complete a Boss Rush with a prepared file following the UNSIGHTED any% run. $100.43 $100.00
Skin Bidwar UNSIGHTED Decide what color scheme the protagonist of UNSIGHTED will use. $42.00 (None)
All Red Berries Yoku's Island Express Obtain a strawberry skin for the ball during the Yoku's Island Express run. $75.00 $75.00
Archie Cursor osu! If met, the osu! Showcase runners will use an Archie cursor during the showcase! $172.81 $150.00
Pass Gauntlet osu! If met, Koral and ruyu will have 2 tries to pass extremely hard osu! maps following the osu! Showcase. $100.00 $100.00
osu!mania showcase osu! If met, Tom will showcase various osu!mania maps following the osu! Showcase. $164.55 $150.00
Glitch Exhibition The Simpsons: Hit & Run If met, vapo will showcase glitches following The Simpsons: Hit & Run speedrun. $200.00 $200.00
Language Bidwar The Simpsons: Hit & Run Decide what language the The Simpsons: Hit & Run All Story Missions will be run in. $29.53 (None)
Pet Ceberus in Hades (every 20 dollars raised=1pet) Hades Pet the doggo!!!!!!!!!!!! We will pet Cerberus each time we raise 20 dollars towards this incentive, up to twenty pets. $240.00 $400.00
Filename Choice The Messenger Choose the filenames that the runners will use for The Messenger race. $56.90 (None)
Banana Bidwar Deltarune Do you want talia to pick up a banana? Or do you hate bananas and want to skip it? You decide the fate of the banana during the Deltarune run. $159.01 (None)
Secret Ending Celeste: Conqueror's Peak If met, Hiken will complete the secret ending of Conqueror's Peak, which adds collectables and a secret boss fight to the run. $352.27 $300.00
Madeline Name Celeste: Monika's D-Sides Choose the name for Madeline in the Celeste: Dny% run. $570.00 (None)
Colosseum of Fools Hollow Knight If met, pest will showcase a glitched run of the Colosseum of Fools following the All Skills Hollow Knight run by Spirity. $250.00 $250.00
Glyph Teleport any% Run [INCENTIVE] Celeste: Glyph If met, MathHacker will showcase a less than a minute long hyper fast any% run of Glyph teleport mode following the Glyph Teleport Mode- Full Clear run. $127.00 $100.00
Upgrade to 103% ElecHead Collect an optional easter egg power-up during the run to make the completion over 100%! $500.00 $500.00
Moon Berry Celeste If met, kivov will take the Moon Berry path at the finale of the Celeste: Superdash True Ending run. $306.00 $300.00
Bonus Bonus All C-Sides TAS [INCENTIVE] Celeste If met, an All C-Sides TAS will be shown following the True Ending All A-Sides TAS. $752.18 $750.00
Bonus Run [INCENTIVE] Celeste: Cat Isle If met, Tom will pet all of the cats AND collect all of the red berries in JadeTurtle's custom Celeste map, Cat Isle! $500.00 $500.00
Custom Skin Bidwar Celeste: Into the Jungle Decide the custom skin Dom will use for Madeline during the Celeste: Into the Jungle run. $570.00 (None)
Outfit Bidwar Atelier Ryza Decide between the three costumes for the main character during the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout run. This is a rotating bidwar, and koral will change it every half hour if a new outfit takes the lead! $456.87 (None)
Boss Rush Showcase I wanna kill the Kamilia 2 Remake If met, Blueye and Rubydragon will showcase portions of the Boss Rush, attempting both the combat and platforming sections, following the I wanna kill the Kamilia 2 Remake to Boss Rush race $400.00 $400.00
Keyboard Noise Bidwar I wanna kill the Kamilia 2 Remake Choose whether the runners of the I wanna kill the Kamilia 2 Remake run will broadcast or filter out the clicky keys on their keyboards. $11.00 (None)
Pet Pibuu Bug Fables If met, gnommis will pet the beg bug named Pibuu. PETTHEBUG $104.70 $100.00
Upgrade to Hard mode Mad Rat Dead If met, upgrade the category of Mad Rat Dead World to Hard Mode. $250.04 $250.00
Add 6x6 Cube Speedcubing If met, Cactus will complete a 6x6 cube following the 2x2-5x5 relay in the Speedcubing Showcase. $125.00 $100.00
Lobby Location NERTS! Online Determine who will host the NERTS! Online Showcase run, and subsequently, who gets the ping lag! $186.69 (None)
Category Upgrade Sonic Heroes If met, change the Sonic Heroes category to Unrestricted, which features a glitch that results in incredibly high-speed movement in the game known as "bop boosts", many of which were first discovered by Revolucion himself $400.00 $400.00
Costume Choice NieR Replicant ver1.22 Decide the costumes for the protagonists of NieR Replicant ver1.22 run. $259.35 (None)
Emil Heads NieR Replicant ver1.22 If met, change all projectiles in the game into the shape of Emil's head during the NieR: Replicant run. [photo -> ] $500.15 $500.00
Character Name [INCENTIVE] OMORI Decide the character name for the OMORI run, the finale of Archiethon! $467.27 (None)

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